Well Pumps

Encore Plumbing installs and services Orlando above ground well pumps. It is certainly a great advantage to have no water bill to pay each month, but sometimes issues can arise at a well-water home that you do not face with a municipal or county water supplier. From major issues due to a low-yielding well to the lesser problems that can occur with the pressure tank, switches and pumps, there are three major signs that your pump may be on its last legs. No water flowing from your faucets, low water pressure, and a constantly running pump are signs that you should have your pump checked out by Encore Plumbing.

When it comes to some well installations Orlando, often pumps will stop working at some point, but any of these three warning signs may not mean that your pump is failing. An interruption of water supply can be caused by a low supply of water in the ground. Equipment failure of the well-water components or power failure affecting the equipment can be caused by the interruption. Water supply interruption can also be caused by clogged or broken pipes. Whichever it might be, it is time to call Encore Plumbing at 407-394-6489 and talk to an expert. We can diagnose your problem quickly and recommend the right course of action.

Other considerations which our experts would examine are inadequate pump size or water sediment in the well. These factors could cause sputtering water in the house, murky or muddy water at the tap, or a noticeably off-taste of the water. We would examine your pressure tank and the pressure switch. They may need to be replaced, and they certainly cost less than a new pump.

These are but a few of the elements of your well-water system that must be considered in determining what the cause of a problem could be. Some of these issues could be avoided by having Encore Plumbing perform a maintenance check from time to time. Our experts on above-ground well pump systems can advise you on what to look for when you check your well pump and when it is advisable to call Encore Plumbing.