Water Softeners

Water which flows from our faucets in Central Florida is hard water. Hard water carries all sorts of minerals and contaminants which can lead to a bad tasting water with all sorts of small particles floating around in it. Hold a glass of water up to the sunlight to view the “stuff” floating around in it. Sulfur, Magnesium, calcium, and various other contaminants are in our drinking water, bathing water, and laundry water. Water conditioning, filtering, and softening can resolve all of these issues, and provide you with fresh, clean, and clear water. We know how to treat water and we know how to analyze your water. Call us and set up an appointment where we can show you what is in your water and how our services and products can eliminate these contaminants.

Hard water makes soaps and detergents difficult to lather and, more importantly, difficult to clean well and completely. Hard water is the cause of soap scum around your tub, on your dishes, in your laundry, and on your skin. In time, these minerals and contaminants will form a scale that can eventually damage water-using appliances like coffee makers and humidifiers. Over a long period of time, these minerals can affect your water flow in supply lines and eventually lead to a low pressure or worse. If you have a softener and you still see mineral scale build-up, it is time to call Encore Plumbing and we will determine the cause of this continuing problem.

Some water softeners Orlando alone may not remove all of the minerals and contaminants in your water. Our whole-house water conditioning system will provide you with the best water.. clear, clean, and great tasting.

Our water softeners Orlando conditioning system will remove sediment particles as small as 20 microns. A human hair is five times larger. It will improve the taste and smell of your water. It will neutralize the acidity in your water by raising the pH levels. The Encore Plumbing water conditioning system will reduce iron, manganese, calcium, and hydrogen sulfides that contribute to staining of fabrics, dishes, and fixtures.

Call Encore plumbing if you are having a problem with your softener or wish to have your water analyzed. After analyzing your water we will recommend the best combination of softening, filtering, and conditioning options for you.