Encore Plumbing offers a wide range of toilets which we will install in your home or business. We service any toilet for any reason if it is presenting a problem for you.

A common problem with Winter Park toilets is water running after the tank has been filled. The fill valve, the flapper, or the flush valve can all require adjustment to stop the running toilet. If adjustments do not work, our plumbers can replace the defective part quickly. Our trucks are well-stocked with repair parts and fixtures. In most cases, our service technicians can complete the replacement while they are at your home, eliminating the necessity of returning the next day.

After several years, Winter Park toilets can become discolored or stained. Encore Plumbing will secure for you a toilet to match your bathroom sinks, tile, or paint. You can also introduce a new or harmonizing color toilet to which you can match sinks or tile or wallpaper and remodel your bathroom.

Winter Park toilets can also experience incomplete flushing and disposal of contents. Older toilets can have clogged jets under the top rim of the toilet. Foreign material and minerals in the water can accumulate in the jets which supply the flushing water from the tank. If these small jets fail to operate at maximum efficiency, lower water pressure and water quantity can result in incomplete flushing. Our plumbers will resolve the issue for you quickly.

So remember, we install and repair all major brands of toilets. We offer rapid response plumbing professionals. Contact Encore Plumbing at 407-394-6489 for courteous and competent service to your home or business.