Sinks are the most used fixture in the kitchen; because of food preparation, some claim the sink to be the most important fixture in the kitchen. Sinks are also found in bathrooms and laundry areas; they are practically indispensable in the operation of a twenty-first-century household. Kitchen and bathroom sinks have advanced from originally serving as a utilitarian fixture for specific needs. Kitchen and bathroom sinks today have sometimes assumed the role of works of art; they can become the focal point of a kitchen or bathroom. Laundry room sinks have remained utilitarian and remain basically nondescript and relatively inexpensive.

Most homes still have their original sinks. They seldom get damaged or need to be replaced. But they sometimes do get damaged and do need to be replaced. This is when Encore Plumbing can help you. We specialize in doing sink repairs Orlando and we would be happy to assist you in the selection of a new sink from many of manufacturers. There are hundreds of styles, shapes, materials, and colors for both kitchen and bathroom sinks. Today the greatest variety happens to be with bathroom sinks. Vessel sinks are very popular now. They are bowl-like and rest on top of furniture or cabinet or other surfaces and decorative faucets provide the water. Top-mounted, bottom-mounted bathroom sinks come in a variety shapes and colors. Some bathroom sinks are an integral part of the countertop. Kitchen sinks in houses built in the last fifty years are overwhelmingly made of stainless steel. Anyone wishing to remodel their kitchen can choose from a wide variety of materials, shapes, depths, partitions, and sizes for their sink. Again, Encore Plumbing can provide expert advice in the choice of a kitchen or bathroom sink for your home.

If you wish to only install a sink, you’re having an issue and need a sink repair Orlando, or you are thinking of remodeling an entire bathroom or kitchen, put Encore Plumbing at the center of your plans. We will provide experience and competency for all your plumbing needs.