One of the worst feelings in the world is taking a shower and experiencing the hot water slowly cooling off right in the middle of the shower. Encore Plumbing can fix the problem with a shower repair Orlando. A constant flow of water to both the hot side and the cold side of the shower valve is necessary to keep your desired temperature.

If you are taking a shower and you notice standing water on the floor of the shower, a slow drain can be remedied quickly. Encore Plumbing has experience in these situations. We advise that you get a debris and hair strainer which fits over and is in addition to the original strainer as it can prevent this problem from occurring again. It is best to prevent hair and other debris from ever entering the drain in the first place.

Sometimes you will notice that when a toilet is flushed or the washing machine cycles, the temperature of water in the shower will change in an instant. A “pressure-balanced valve” provides water a nearly constant temperature to a shower or bathtub, despite pressure fluctuations in either the hot or cold supply lines. A thermostatic mixer valve is another device which keeps your shower at a constant temperature. Encore Plumbing has experience in installing both of these types of valves for your shower.

Shower heads can become loose, your mixer valve and other components of your shower assembly can wear with age and may need adjustment or replacement. Remember, Encore Plumbing can repair, adjust, or replace any component in your shower. We will always recommend the best remedy, the most cost-effective solution to any and all of your plumbing needs.

If you are thinking about remodeling your shower, or need a shower repair Orlando by a trusted plumber, we have experience advising you on all of your options. Manufacturers offer a great selection of products from which you can choose. There are many modern, beautiful options for your selection. You can even choose to turn your shower into a steam shower! If you have selected a remodeling contractor, have him (or her) contact Encore Plumbing for ideas and advice for your bathroom. You will be comforted in knowing that the plumbing portion of your remodeling will be top quality in both material and installation. Call Encore Plumbing at 407-394-6489 for an appointment with a knowledgeable,
friendly Encore representative.