Sewer Repairs

Calls to Encore Plumbing for sewer repairs Winter Park are a large segment of our service work. Because of this, our skilled and courteous plumbers have a good deal of experience in dealing with sewer line blockages and partial blockages. They know how to diagnose the problem and locate the obstruction. They can advise you of any potential issue that could become a large expense at a later date

If any of this occurs call Encore Plumbing to find the obstruction, to discuss with the homeowner the proper remedy, and to make the correct repair. We do it right the first time.

Roots are another cause of a sewer partial or complete blockage and may require sewer repairs Winter Park. If trees have been planted over a sewer area (where the sewer runs under the widest branches), it is very probable that roots will eventually work their way into the sewer system. Waste will accumulate around anything they can get caught on, and roots are a large culprit. It is advisable to call Encore Plumbing and arrange an appointment with our trained, experienced professionals for an analysis of your situation and the best remedy for it.

Please also read our section on Sewer Camera Service. It will help your understanding of how and why we are experts in repairing any sewer problem. Please call 407-394-6489.