Our repiping Winter Park service refers to the process of replacing the potable water pipes that supply the water throughout your house. Some of these pipes are hidden from view, located beneath your slab. Other pipes are hidden inside your walls, while still others can be viewed inside of your cabinets.

Over the years, copper pipes have been used to supply water throughout Florida homes. Copper can react with chemicals and minerals in the water to develop tiny pinholes or cracks in the pipes. In the case of copper pipes, the presence of lightning in the area can lead to pinholes developing. Improper joining and cementing of pipes during original construction can result in leaks at a later date. Whatever the cause or the material of your water supply piping, any evidence of a leak should not be treated lightly.

A small leak which remains undetected for some period of time will give rise to mold and mildew. This is really a health hazard and can cause serious illness and discomfort for many Floridians. Mold and mildew can start in one area of your house and spread inside walls or the ceiling to another area. Spores can be spread throughout the house through your air conditioning ducts.

If you find water stains on your walls or flooring which you can identify as coming from a water pipe, call Encore Plumbing. If you see a water stain in your cabinets, call Encore Plumbing. If you detect a musty or moldy odor near a water pipe, call Encore Plumbing. We will send one of our leak experts to your home or business and he will locate the leak and present you your options to prevent any further damage to health or home. Call 407-394-6489.

If you have been repairing leaks over a period of time, it might be time to repipe your home. Make an appointment for one of our experts to advise you when it is time to repipe your home. We are the experts at repiping Winter Park or wherever your home may be; our plumbers are neat, clean, and always here to help.