Having a Winter Park leak in your plumbing is a challenge that can occur at any time, which can be dealt with by calling Encore Plumbing. Our neat and tidy experts will come to your home as quickly as possible. It seems that most leaks occur during weekends and after hours. If you have not already done so, turn off the main water valve to your house then call 407-394 6489.

Nearly all of the water pipes in your home are hidden from view. They are either under your slab or inside your walls. Really, the only place they are visible is under cabinets or vanities. Therefore, if a leak develops, evidence of the Winter Park leak can be hidden for a great deal of time. This would likely give rise to mold and/or mildew. These spores could be floating throughout your house through the A/C ducts. Many people have serious reactions and discomfort to mold and mildew, so it is important to get any leak examined by the Winter Park leak experts, Encore Plumbing.

The first evidence of a leak in your home might be a water stain on a wall, baseboard, or wallpaper. If there are any water pipes in the wall, it is quite possible it is not a roof leak. If you notice a moldy or musty odor near a wall, and the wall likely has plumbing pipes inside it, you probably have a plumbing leak and not a leaking roof. If you notice dampness or water in a cabinet or vanity, it is likely a water pipe leaking. Immediate attention is required to prevent further harm to health or home. One of our professional and friendly leak detectors will identify the location of the leak and explain to you the most cost effective repair available.