Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals were invented in the 1930’s, and they have grown from a novelty to a standard plumbing fixture in every American home. Some municipal sanitation departments were able to lobby for the prohibition of disposals in the 1940’s and 1950’s, but saner minds prevailed when laws preventing the use of disposals were taken off the books in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Disposals render food waste as being compatible with municipal sewer systems and septic tanks. Food disposals have been found to be environmentally friendly. Byproducts of treatment of waste from a disposal can be transformed into biosolids and fertilizer. Advanced facilities can capture methane gasses as a byproduct and use it as a fuel. In these aspects, disposers are definitely beneficial to the environment.

Occasionally an Orlando garbage disposal can vibrate and cause the sink or the disposer to create excessive noise. Encore Plumbing will handle this for you. Most homes come with a ⅓ or ½ HP unit installed for residential applications. Larger units are available for homes with heavier usage and for commercial applications. If you wish to upgrade to a quieter model or increase the HP of your disposal, we will help you with it gladly. Call Encore Plumbing at 407-394-6489 for fast service.

On other occasions, your Orlando garbage disposal will get clogged and stop operating. Some disposals come with a small hexagonal wrench which, when inserted in the center of the bottom of the unit, and turned in a circular motion back and forth, should unclog the disposal. If you use the wrench and are still unable to unclog the unit, call Encore Plumbing.

Small amounts of bleach or vinegar should keep your Orlando garbage disposal smelling fresh and clean. If, however, that fails to remove any foul odors, clean the bottom side (and top side) of the splash guard at the top of the disposal. This splash guard is designed to prevent food particles from flying back up and out of the unit. Debris can accumulate on the underside of this guard and eventually cause an odor.