Faucets are located throughout the home, in any place where water flow is desired. They can be located inside the home or outside the home. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, home bars, and elsewhere are the areas throughout the home where your Oviedo faucet could be located. Outside locations would include the garage, spigots on exterior walls, outdoor kitchens, and anywhere you would wish to have access to controlled flow of water, hot or cold.

The average home will have 8-12 faucets throughout. If in the unlikely event, all of them were to develop a problem at the same time, the fix on each one of them could conceivably be different. The most common problem for someone with an Oviedo faucet is leaking or a slow drip, drip, drip. The federal government has estimated that over one trillion gallons of potable water are wasted each year because of dripping and leaking faucets. Faucet handles can become loose over time. The fix for each manufacturer could be different. It takes an experienced plumber with a well-stocked truck to respond promptly in order to handle your plumbing problem correctly the first time. When you decide you have wasted enough water and money because of leaking faucets, give Encore Plumbing a call, and schedule an appointment for an experienced plumber.

Handles for certain Oviedo faucets can become broken, loose, or turn too far. A washer may break or become loose. The seats and springs in some faucets may need replacing. The cartridge in other faucets may have gone bad. Our skilled plumbers will have the proper replacement parts on their truck.

Every year faucet manufacturers improve and upgrade their products. New finishes and features of operation are offered each year. If you want to replace any of your faucets or other fixtures, Encore Plumbing can offer you the most up-to-date available. If you see some plumbing fixture in an ad that interests you, we can install it for you. For all your plumbing needs call Encore Plumbing at 407-394-6489.