4 Reasons You Need Our Geneva Plumbers

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Do you know when you need to call the experts for your sewer needs? We’re sharing the signs you need to look out for and, if you see them, give our expert Geneva Plumbers a call.   

At Encore Plumbing, we continuously stress the importance of having routine maintenance checks on your plumbing system as frequently as possible. If you ignore your maintenance or needed repairs, the entire household plumbing system could be at risk. Today we’re sharing a few reasons you need our Geneva plumbers to handle your sewer repairs.  


Blockages and a clogged water flow are signs that you have a drain or sewer problem. Water backing up when you flush your toilet, or while using your sink and bathtub indicate a sign of trouble. If you notice regular backups, contact our Geneva plumbers so they can fix your sewer problem.



Believe or not, roots can be a partial reason for the blockage, needing the attention of our Geneva plumbers. If trees have been planted over a sewer area, it’s very likely that the roots will work their way into the sewer system.  The waste will accumulate around anything they can get caught on, and roots are one of those culprits.



A sanitary sewer should be airtight in every area except the vent stacks. Sewer odors around your home are a legitimate sign that there is a crack or a clog somewhere in your sewer line and you need our Geneva plumbers to assess the situations.


Slow Drain

A slow drain may be a sign that a blockage is forming, which will then lead to a clog. If you’re experiencing slow drainage with all your pipes and not just one, you’re not dealing with a simple clog but a more significant problem. If the water in your sink, toilet or bathtub is draining slowly, those are signs to call our Geneva plumbers as soon as possible.


Soggy Lawn Spots

If you ever notice damp, wet, or raised patches in your yard, this means there is a lot of water underneath the surface of your lawn and could mean an issue in your sewer system or a leaking pipe.

If you notice any of these signs in or around your home, our Geneva plumbers are the experts to call. They can find the obstruction and discuss the proper remedy. Don’t hesitate, contact our offices today!

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